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Don Goff: Producer/Director/whatever it takes

don-goff-digital-illusions-headshotI am a hands-on producer, and over the past 25 years I’ve worked in small production companies and ad agencies, I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of film and video production. This allows me to work with just about any budget and make it work. I can do the script development, shooting, lighting, video editing, motion graphics and even 3D animation.

For smaller sized projects, I am able to handle most of the production tasks myself, allowing me to keep the project very cost effective for the client. But over the years, I’ve gathered a talented group of professionals that I can call upon to make any size production a success.

Why the name digital illusions video?

I came up with the name about 20 years ago when I started creating 3D animations on the computer. These digital images were than converted into an analog video signal in order to be recorded onto videotape. Now, all the cameras are digital, the editing is digital, when you enhance the color or exposure, or clean up the audio, you are in a sense, creating a digital illusion.

I’ve even produced entire videos where the talent was shot in front of a green screen and I created a virtual set behind them.

It’s all an illusion, but that’s okay, as long as it helps to tell your story.